Clinical research

Clinical trials at CCRD AHP

Clinical trials in American Heart of Poland S.A. centers are carried out in accordance with all legal standards in force in Poland, international regulations and the Good Clinical Practice guidelines, recognized as the gold standard in conducting clinical trials.


The research is carried out using modern equipment by a team qualified and experienced in the field of cardiology, cardiosurgery and vascular surgery. This translates into the safety of patients participating in them and the quality of data collected in the clinical trials conducted.


Research carried out by American Heart of Poland S.A. guarantees the participants the availability of modern therapies and diagnostics, often going beyond standard medical care.

Principles of cooperation

The clinical trials department is responsible for the process of starting and implementing the research.

Feasibility stage:

Research proposals should be sent to the clinical trials department in order to select clinical centers, to the address:

Contract negotiation stage:

„After the Sponsor has selected research centers, the template of the contract with the budget for verification should be sent to above email. Basic data necessary to sign the contract can be found in the document:

There is one contract template for all Centers participating in a given study, which allows for maximum simplification and acceleration of work. The average contract negotiation period is 30 days.

Clinical trial
settlement stage:

All documents regarding trial settlement should be sent to proper email adresses indicated in the agreement.

Our Team




Aleksander Żurakowski

Deputy Director of Clinical Trials of CCRD AHP – MD PhD


Agata Krauze

Clical Trials Manager